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In some cases, the data you want to use is split in several columns. You can group these columns using a concatenation.

All the information you need to create the email addresses is now ready, and you only need to assemble it. You will merge the three columns that you have created since the beginning of this scenario.


  1. Select the email_first_name column.
    When merging several columns together, the one that you select at the beginning, email_first_name in this case, will be the first part of the merged column that will be created.
  2. In the functions panel, type Concatenate with and click the result to display the options of the associated function.
  3. Configure the function as follows:

    You can only concatenate two columns at a time, so you will begin by merging the email_first_name column with the email_last_name, with . as separator.

  4. Click the Submit button to apply the function.

    A new column with the merged content from the two columns is created.

  5. Proceed the same way to merge the column you just created with the email_domain column, but using @ as separator this time.


The content of the three columns has been merged. You have created a column containing valid email addresses, based on first names, last names and a web domain for each company.