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When clicking a dataset from the dataset list, you access its detailed view.

Note: This feature becomes available for Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer and Talend Cloud Data Preparation users when Talend Cloud Data Inventory is enabled for the account.
The detailed view allows you to have a clear vision of your dataset and its content, metadata, quality, and other properties, in addition to the social and collaborative features. For any given dataset, the detailed view gives you access to the following panels:
  • The Dataset overview

    This is the first panel that opens when clicking a dataset from the list. You can get several information at a glance, including the dataset metadata and a simple quality indicator.

  • The Dataset sample

    This is where you can directly visualize your data in different forms, check its quality, and even change the semantic category of your columns.

  • The API configuration

    This menu allows you to enable an API to easily share the content of the dataset to the consumers of your choice.

  • The Dataset properties

    In this page, you can view and edit the properties of your dataset, and generate a new sample based on the new configuration.