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When you are finished cleansing your dataset, you may want to send the result of your preparation to a local file.


  1. Click the Local export button on the top right of the screen to open the export parameters panel and select your output format.
  2. Select if you want to export the only the current sample, or all of the data.
    If the result of your preparation is larger than your current sample size, 10 000 rows by default, you can choose between exporting just the Current sample you have been working on, or applying the preparations steps to the whole dataset by selecting All data.
  3. Depending on your choice for the previous step, you will be able to export your prepared data to the following formats:
    • Local CSV file
    • Local XLSX file
    • Amazon S3
  4. Fill in the remaining parameters and click Confirm.


The export process is launched in the background. You can check the status of the export, and download your output file in the Export history page. For more information, see The run history page.