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Before running a preparation, you need to configure the run. The first step requires you to select or add the destination dataset.

Before you begin

This feature is available only with a Remote Engine Gen2 version R2023-01 or greater, or the Cloud Engine for Design. Make sure you restart your Engine first to enable the latest updates.

A current limitation makes it not possible to run a preparation to datasets based on the following types of connections:

  • Amazon DynamoDB (Database)
  • Apache Kudu (Database)
  • Azure Synapse (Database)
  • SingleStore (Database)
  • REST (Web services)
  • FTP (File systems)
  • Azure Event Hubs (Messaging)
  • RabbitMQ (Messaging)


  1. Click the Run button on the top right of the screen to open the parameters panel.
  2. Select a destination type from the following options:
    • Existing dataset. Select the dataset you want to export the result of the preparation to from the list.
    • New dataset. Give a name to the new dataset and specify the connection it will be based on.
    • Current dataset. The dataset used as source for the preparation will be updated with the prepared data. This option is currently only available for JDBC datasets.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Configure the additional parameters if needed.
    The parameters displayed depend on the type of dataset selected. For more information about connectors, see Talend Cloud Apps Connectors Guide.
  5. Click Next to continue the run configuration.