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By creating and altering a client IP allowlist, you restrict the access to Talend Cloud to only trusted IPs.

Once your allowlist is activated, only IPs on this allowlist is enabled to access Talend Cloud; any IPs not present on this list are blocked.

A client could be an API client, a Talend Cloud Management Console user or a hybrid client. Engines are not impacted by this IP allowlist policy.

If you are using a hybrid client, such as Talend Data Stewardship or Talend Data Preparation, to connect to Talend Cloud, add the public IP of your on-premise client to the IP allowlist.

  • You must have the Users - Management permission. With this permission, you are exempted from the IP access control so that you are always empowered to activate or deactivate the IP allowlist policy.
  • The license level of your tenant must be Platform or Data Fabric.