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You can access the details of all your published artifacts from the Management page.

Before you begin

You must have the appropriate permissions for the environment and workspace where the artifact is located.


  1. Open the Management page.
  2. Go to the Artifacts tab.
  3. Select the artifact from the list.
    You can use the faceted search at the top of the page to limit the results based on the environment, workspace, and artifact type.


The artifact details page opens to the latest version of the artifact.
On this page, you can view the following information:
  • Description and screenshot of the artifact
  • Available versions of the artifact
  • List of tasks that use any version of the artifact
  • Configurable parameters of the artifact
  • Type (Job, Route, Data Service, pipeline) of the artifact
  • Service type (REST or SOAP) of Data Service artifacts
  • Binary type (Microservice or Talend Runtime) of Route or Data Service artifacts
  • Compatibility of the artifact with Talend Studio versions
  • Path to the artifact in the Talend Studio folder structure
On this page, you can perform the following actions:
  • Access the artifact list of the same environment or workspace by clicking their name in the left panel
  • Create a task based on any version of the artifact
  • View the list of tasks using any version of the artifact
  • Delete the artifact (all versions) if it is not used in any tasks