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Allocate Cloud Engines to environments proportionally to the number of concurrent task executions you plan to run. Three tasks can be run in parallel on a Cloud Engine.

Note: If three different tasks or the same task is already running on a Cloud Engine, another engine will be selected to the task execution.

Before you begin

Environments have been created.

About this task

Allocated Cloud Engines consume engine tokens and are displayed as in use even if they are not running executions.


  1. Open the Environments page.
  2. Click the name of the environment to which you want to allocate Cloud Engines.
  3. Open the Info tab.
  4. Enter or select the number of Cloud Engines to allocate in the Number of allocated Cloud Engines field.
    The total number of Cloud Engines available depends on your subscription. You can see the number of allocated/available Cloud Engines in the Info tab of the default environment.
  5. Click Save.


You are now ready to execute tasks on your environments within the limits you have set.