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After publishing or promoting a new version of an artifact, tasks have to be updated.

Before you begin

You must have Author permission on the task's workspace, and at least one permission type on the artifact's workspace.

About this task

After publishing a new version of the artifact, you may need to manually update the tasks that use it with the new version if the Always use the latest available artifact version option is not enabled or if any issue caused the automatic update to fail.

After promoting a new version of the artifact, you must edit the task configuration manually to include the new promoted version. As promoting is not publishing, tasks do not use promoted artifacts even if they are set to use the latest artifact version.

If you update a task used in a plan with a new artifact version, the plan is automatically updated with the new artifact version.

You can update:
  • a particular task from the Task details page.
  • a task used in a plan from the Plan steps box in the Plan details page.
  • multiple tasks directly from the Tasks tab with the appropriate workspace selected from the Workspace list at the top of the page.
To update tasks directly from the Tasks tab, follow this procedure.


  1. Open the Management page.
  2. Go to the Tasks tab.
    You can use the faceted search at the top of the page to filter the list for example by selecting the environment, the workspace and the task type.
  3. Click the More actions icon next to the task you want to update then select Update.
  4. Confirm the task update in the popup window by clicking Update.
  5. If the new artifact version contains mandatory parameters that are not set, edit the task's configuration or execution settings.


The task is updated and the next scheduled or manual execution will run with the new artifact version.

Any plan containing the task is updated automatically and its next execution will run with the new task version.

Note: If the task is updated manually or if the Override parameter values with artifact defaults option is not enabled, new parameters added to the artifact are also added to the task. Existing parameters are not overwritten with the default values from the artifact context.