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The Metrics tab from the Run overview page lets you see information on the Job components, such as the count of records or the type of the source and target components.

Before you begin

You have published or republished the Jobs with Talend Studio version 8.0.1 or 7.3.1 with the latest update.

This feature is available for Cloud Engine and Remote Engine 2.12.0 onwards.

About this task

Data older than 31 days will be cleared automatically as per our metrics retention policy.

Metrics are automatically refreshed.


  1. Open the Operations page.
  2. Click a task run.
    You are redirected to the Run overview page.
  3. Open the Metrics tab.
    You can click the icon in the top-right corner to select what information to display in the table. By default, the columns Source, Target, Start time, Duration, Total records, Records per seconds and Error are displayed.

    You can sort the data based on the columns Start time, Duration, Total records or Error by clicking on the column header. By default, the data is sorted with the latest on top. You can use only one column at a time.