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How to add a user with LDAP

Before you begin

About this task

Information noteNote: To add a user with LDAP via the MetaServlet application, use the createUser command and define the userDn argument. For more information about the MetaServlet parameters, see Parameters and actions in metaServlet.

Once LDAP authentication is activated, proceed as follows to create an authenticated user.


  1. On the Users page, click Add on the toolbar to create a new account.
  2. On the Data panel to the right, complete the following information:



    Distinguished name

    Fill in the user name to authenticate the user and retrieve the corresponding connection information (Login, First name, Last name and Password).


    Data Integration/ESB, Data Management and Master Data Management according to the license you set in Talend Administration Center . For more information, see What domains can you work in depending on your user type and license.


    Click to open a dialog box where you can select from the list the check box of the user role(s) you want to assign to the selected user.

    Information noteNote: You can assign the user several roles at the same time. To do so, select the check boxes of the roles you want to assign to the selected user and click Validate in the dialog box.

    The role(s) will define the read and write privilege on the management of all entities in Talend Administration Center. For more information on user roles, see User roles/rights in the Administration Center.

    Data Preparation User

    Select the Data Preparation User check box to set this account as a Data Preparation account and to assign the user the corresponding Data Preparation role(s).

    Data Stewardship User

    Select the Data Stewardship User check box to set this account as a Data Stewardship account and to assign the user the corresponding Data Stewardship role(s).

    Dictionary Service User

    Select this option to grant access to Talend Dictionary Service.

    If this option is selected, the Dictionary Service Role field appears. The user can view, edit or remove the semantic types or dictionaries used by default in Talend web applications. Choose the appropriate roles for the user from the list.

    A Dictionary Service User can be created only if your license includes Data Management.


    Click next to the Group field to open a dialog box where you can select from the list the check box of the user group(s) in which you want to add the selected user. For more informations, see Grouping users by user type.


    Activate/deactivate an account to enable/disable the selected user to access Talend Administration Center and/or Talend Studio.

  3. Click Save to validate the creation of the new user or click Cancel to cancel it.
    When you click Save, Talend Administration Center searches for the indicated name in the LDAP server. If this user is found on the server, it will be created on Talend Administration Center and the user's information (Login, Email, First name, Last name, Password, Git Login and Git Password) will be retrieved. If this user does not exist in the LDAP server, a warning will appear to inform you that the user is not created in Talend Administration Center and it does not exist in the LDAP server.
    If you use the LDAP system to handle the Git credentials, these credentials must be edited through LDAP as Talend Administration Center will automatically retrieve the changes performed.
    To learn about best practices regarding LDAP mappings for Git credentials, and their encryption in Talend Administration Center, see Mappings between LDAP and Talend Administration Center.

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