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Adding and linking components


  1. Create a Job and drop the node RFC_READ_TABLE in the SAP Bapi folder of the SAP connection onto the design workspace as a tSAPBapi component to reuse the connection to the SAP system and the input and output schemas of the SAP function RFC_READ_TABLE.
  2. Add the following components to the Job by typing theirs names in the design workspace or dropping them from the Palette:
    • two tFixedFlowInput components: to generate two input data flows for the FIELDS and OPTIONS input parameters of table type respectively.

      Note that there is no input data flow for the DATA input parameter of table type, since it does not need an input value in this example.

    • three tLogRow components: to display the output data corresponding to the DATA, FIELDS, and OPTIONS output parameters respectively.

  3. Connect the first tFixedFlowInput to tSAPBapi using a Row > Main connection.
  4. Connect the second tFixedFlowInput to tSAPBapi using a Row > Main connection.
  5. Connect tSAPBapi to the first tLogRow using the Row > row_DATA_1 connection.
  6. Connect tSAPBapi to the second tLogRow using the Row > row_FIELDS_1 connection.
  7. Connect tSAPBapi to the third tLogRow using the Row > row_OPTIONS_1 connection.
  8. Label the components to better identify their roles in the Job.

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