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Set up a query


  1. From the Basic settings view of tSAPBWInput, fill the Table Name field with the table name. In this scenario, table name "Measures" is for demonstration only.
  2. Fill the Query area with the query script. In this example, we use:
    T1.\"[0D_CO_CODE].[LEVEL01]\" AS company, 
    T0.\"[Measures].[D68EEPGGHUMSZ92PIJARDZ0KA]\" AS amount 
    \"0D_DECU\".\"0D_DECU/PRE_QRY4\".\"[Measures]\" T0, 
    \"0D_DECU\".\"0D_DECU/PRE_QRY4\".\"[0D_CO_CODE]\" T1 "
    Information noteNote:

    Due to the limitations of the supported SQL queries, the query scripts you use must be based on the grammar defined in the jdbc4olap driver. For further information about this grammar, see jdbc4olap User Guide.

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