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Configuring the listener component tSAPIDocInput

About this task

In the Integration perspective of your Studio, proceed as follows.


  1. Drop the tSAPIDocInput component from the Palette onto the design workspace.
  2. Double-click this component to open its Component view.
  3. In the Client field, type in the client number of this given SAP R/3 system. In this scenario, it is 000.
  4. In the Userid and Password fields, type in the authentication information in the corresponding field.
  5. In the Language field, type in the language used by this given SAP R/3 system. In this example, it is EN.
  6. In the Host name field, type in the IP address of the hosting server of this given SAP R/3 system.
  7. In the System number field, type in the system number of this given SAP R/3 system.
  8. In the Gateway service field, type in the used gateway service name.
  9. In the Program ID field, type in the program ID you have defined when creating the required RFC Destination. In this example, it is IDOC_TALEND.
  10. In the XML-IDoc file output field, enter the path or browse to the location where you need to store the received SAP IDoc file.

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