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Creating a service account

In the Service accounts tab of the User & Security page, you can create, grant individual permissions to or delete service accounts.

If you need to do this via API, see Creating a service account use case.

Before you begin

The account to be used to create a service account must have the Service Account - Manage permission. The ID of this permission is TMC_SERVICE_ACCOUNT_MANAGEMENT.


  1. Open the Users & Security page.
  2. Click Service accounts.
  3. Click Add service account.
  4. Enter the name of your choice for the service account to be created.
  5. Select permissions you need to grant to this service account, depending on the operations you need this service account to perform.
  6. Click Save.
  7. In the dialog box that is displayed, the ID and the secret of this service account are displayed.
    Its secret is displayed only once. Ensure to keep a copy. It is required to generate or renew tokens for this service account.


The new service account appears in the list of service accounts.

What to do next

  • A service account needs its tokens to issue API calls. For further information, see Creating a service account use case.
  • Like users, a service account needs workspace permissions to access resources assigned to a specific workspace. For further information, see Setting workspace permissions for users.
  • To delete a service account, on the service account list, select this service account by clicking its row and then click the trash bin icon.

    If you need to delete multiple service accounts, select them and click the Delete button.

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