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Adding/Modifying/Deleting pictures in a master data record

Your data record may contain pictures. You can add, modify, and delete pictures for a master data record.

About this task

The following example shows how to add, modify, and delete a picture for a master data record pertains to the entity Product.


  1. Open the data record you want to add a picture by following Opening a master data record in an entity.
  2. Click in the picture field to open a dialog box which allows you to select a picture.
    Information noteNote:
    • The following picture formats are supported: bmp, gif, ico, ilbm, lbm, iff, jpg, jpeg, png, psd, tif, and tiff.
    • Only the picture whose size is no larger than 4MB is supported.
  3. Browse your local file system to find the picture file you want to add for the data record, select the picture and click Open.
    A thumbnail view of the picture is displayed. You can move your mouse over the thumbnail view of the picture and click to have a full view of the picture.

    Besides, you can update or delete the picture by moving your mouse over the thumbnail view of the picture and clicking or respectively.

  4. Click SAVE to save your changes and close the panel.

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