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Updating a master data record in an entity

You can update a master data record in a specific entity.

About this task

The following example shows how to update a master data record in the entity Product.


  1. Open the data record you want to update by following Opening a master data record in an entity.
    Information noteNote:
    • An asterisk (*) is displayed beside the name of each mandatory attributes. You will not be able to save the data record before you fill in all these fields.
    • If the description annotation has been added to an attribute in the data model, it is displayed right under the attribute name. For more information about the description annotation, see Setting up annotations to attributes.
  2. Edit any of the modifiable attributes according to your needs.

    For a numeric type attribute, you can adjust the number in a small range to add one or subtract one by clicking the spin button on the right.

    For a date or dateTime type attribute, you can set its value by using the datetime picker.

    If the entity has a foreign key link to another entity, and if you have the add access to the corresponding foreign key attribute, an Add foreign records button will be displayed under the name of the foreign key attribute for configuring the foreign key information. In this example, the entity product is linked to a specific entity Store.

    To add a foreign key value, click Add foreign records for the foreign key attribute Store, from the dialog box displayed, select the check box next to each foreign key value that needs to be linked to the record, and click the VALIDATE button to save your changes.

    If required, you can click on the header of a column in the dialog box to sort the foreign records based on that column or enter the value in the Search text box to narrow down the foreign key values.

    Information noteNote: If the maximum number of occurrences of the foreign key element has been reached, the newly selected foreign key will not be associated with the data record.

    If you have the remove access to the foreign key attribute, a Remove record button is displayed on the first cell of a foreign record when you hover over the row, and you can click the button to remove the corresponding foreign key value.

    Information noteNote: Removing a foreign key value does not delete any real data, it only removes the link between data records in two entities.
  3. Click SAVE to update the record.
    The data record panel closes automatically and a message Record successfully updated with a link to the updated record is displayed on the upper right corner if the record gets updated successfully.

    You can click CANCEL to close the data record panel without saving any changes.

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