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Importing master data records into an entity


You can import master data records pertaining to an entity onto the Talend MDM Server from a local JSON file.

Usually, these data records are those that are exported from the Talend MDM Server to a local copy to do some mass modifications. If a data record to be imported does not exist in Talend MDM Server, it will get created. Otherwise, it will get updated.

About this task

The following example shows how to import master data records pertaining to the entity Product in MDM demo project.


  1. Click the drop-down list on the upper left corner and select a view over the entity into which data records will be imported, Product in this example.
    A pop-up dialog box displays.
  3. Select your local JSON file from which you want to import data records.
    In this example, the file is Product.json, which is exported in Exporting master data records in an entity and contains two product data records. The values of the elements Name, Price, and Family for the product data record with the ID 231035933 have been changed.
  4. Click Open.
    The two product data records in the local JSON file are imported onto the Talend MDM Server, and the record with the ID 231035933 gets updated.

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