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Talend Remote Engine v2.12.5

Talend Remote Engine v2.12.5 is now generally available.

New features for security

Features Description
Secured access to Remote Engine key pair

Remote Engine generates its own key pair (RSA/4096 bits) during the pairing process. With Talend Remote Engine v2.12.5 onwards, this key pair is stored in a Java keystore in etc/keystores, secured with a password defined in a dedicated configuration file or as an environment variable.

For further information, see Securing the public and the private keys of your engine.

Security enhancements

Issue Description
The Apache Commons Text version has been upgraded to repair the following vulnerability:
  • CVE-2022-42889
TPOPS-4647 The SnakeYAML v1.32 is now used to avoid the following vulnerabilities:
  • CVE-2022-38752
TPOPS-4732 The RE-helper script has been upgraded to avoid extracting sensitive information. If you need to export this kind of information, contact the Talend Support team.

Notable fixes

Issue Description

Unintended cleanup of task logs happens immediately after task runs.

End-of-life features and their alternatives

Remote Engine v2.10.x

Having been deprecated since R2022-02, the Remote Engine 2.10.x versions now reach their end of life. From R2022-10 and onwards, Talend ceases its support for these deprecated versions.

Talend Management Console logs and API logs incoming from Remote Engine v2.10.x will not be available. However, the local logs still remain available.
See Upgrading Talend Remote Engine to upgrade your engines to the latest version to continue retrieving logs from Talend Management Console and API, to get rid of the Log4shell threat, and in addition, to benefit from many other new features, such as

Get started with Talend Remote Engine on Talend Remote Engine User Guide.

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