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Database driver issue

When executing your pipeline in Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer, you may get the following error in the logs :
Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Driver will not be loaded for database type "<database>"

where <database> corresponds to your database.

To check whether the JDBC jar has been successfully downloaded, you can run the docker logs remote-engine_connectors_1 command after starting the Remote Engine Gen2.


The driver error is probably due to the fact that the Maven Central Repository is now accessible on HTTPS, read this article for more information. One solution is to configure a Nexus mirror to download the JDBC driver.



  1. Go to the Remote Engine Gen2 installation directory.
  2. Open the following file to edit it
    default/docker-compose.yml if you are using the engine in the AWS USA, AWS Europe, AWS Asia-Pacific or Azure regions.

    eap/docker-compose.yml if you are using the engine as part of the Early Adopter Program.

  3. In the connectors section, find the CONNECTORS_SETUP_OPTS parameter and add this to the parameter value:

    If your Nexus requires authentication, add –nexus-token=<your token> to the parameter value.

  4. Save your changes and close the file.
  5. Restart the engine to take these changes into account.

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