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Running graceful cleanup to repair a damaged Remote Engine

Perform a graceful cleanup to restore mistakenly deleted features for a damaged Remote Engine, without reinstalling and pairing the entire engine.

When pairing an engine, required features are installed. Any circumstance that leads to the loss of these features prevents your engine from working correctly. If the loss of features has occurred, performing a graceful cleanup helps automatically re-install the lost features upon the restart of the engine.

Before you begin

  • Your Remote Engine version must be v2.12.14 onwards.


  1. Stop the engine. See Running the graceful shutdown process of Remote Engine for more details.
  2. Remove the <RE_installation>/data/cache folder and restart the engine.
    Alternatively, if your engine was installed using an archive delivery and used to be started by one of start-up scripts from <RE>/bin, such as start, karaf, trun, or run, execute that script with the clean option to restart your engine, for example,
    ./trun clean


The graceful cleanup process automatically identified the missing features required by a paired engine and re-install them.

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