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Meta Integration Data Quality Java based interface

This data quality solution can be also extended using a Java interface that allows one to manipulate the DQ CSV source files using certain Java APIs available in MetaIntegrationDataQualityCsv.jar. See the original java library for further API documentation.

package MITI.bridges.MetaIntegrationDataQuality

public class DQRules implements Closeable {

public static DQRules getInstance(String directory)

public Rule setRule(Rule value)

public RuleApplication setRuleApplication(RuleApplication value)

public RuleMeasure setRuleMeasure(RuleMeasure value)

public void setTableUrl(Table table, String url)

public void write()

public void close() throws IOException


public abstract class DQObject{

public void setId(String id)

public String getId()

public String getOriginalId()


public class Rule extends DQObject{

public Rule(String id, String name, String description, String operation, DataQualityDimension dimension, String url, Folder folder)

public String getName()

public String getDescription()

public void setDescription(String description)

public String getOperation()

public void setOperation(String operation)

public String getUrl()

public void setUrl(String url)

public DataQualityDimension getDimension()

public void setDimension(DataQualityDimension dimension)

public Folder getFolder()


public class Folder extends DQObject{

public Folder(String id, String name, String description, Folder parentFolder)

public String getName()

public void setDescription(String description)

public String getDescription()

public void setParentFolder(Folder parentFolder)

public Folder getParentFolder()


public class RuleApplication extends DQObject {

public RuleApplication(String id, Rule rule, Column[] columns, String description, float[] thresholds)

public Rule getRule()

public Column[] getColumns()

public String getDescription()

public void setDescription(String description)

public float[] getThresholds()

public void setThresholds(float[] threshold)

public SortedSet<RuleMeasure> getRuleMeasures()


public class Column extends DQObject{

public Column(String name, String table, String schema, String catalog, String server, DataStoreType type)

public String getName()

public String getTable()

public String getSchema()

public String getCatalog()

public String getServer()

public DataStoreType getType()


public class RuleMeasure extends DQObject implements Comparable<RuleMeasure> {

public RuleMeasure(String id, RuleApplication ruleApplication, Date date, long rowsTotal, long rowsFailed)

public RuleApplication getRuleApplication()

public Date getDate()

public long getRowsTotal()

public void setRowsTotal(long rowsTotal)

public long getRowsFailed()

public void setRowsFailed(long rowsFailed)


public int compareTo(RuleMeasure o)


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