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Open Business Glossary from a Model

A special report is available to identify and manage the Business Names and Descriptions of fields in a model (e.g., business intelligence report) and the glossary terms which provide those values through Is Defined By relationships and inference .


  1. Navigate to the object page for a particular business intelligence report.
  2. Go to More Actions > Open Business Glossary in the upper right.
  3. From here you may:
    • Go to Settings and enable or disable the following options:
    • Include undocumented objects
    • Model documentation only
    • Double-click any row to see the Edit Documentation dialog


Sign in as Administrator . Navigate to the object page for the Finance1 workbook in the Tableau model. Go to More Actions > Open Business Glossary in the upper right

Now, double click on the first row of the report in the second column.

Information note

The Edit Documentation dialog is available from the report. This is a similar report to that provided when performing a call back from a BI tool in order to obtain a glossary of the report fields.

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