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Assign a Steward

Stewards are users or groups of users who special meaning for objects, include those in custom models. They act as expert who steward data elements through the data management and governance processes.

From the product perspective, stewardship is treated as just another responsibility assignment . Thus, for a custom model object, like a term in a glossary, one should refer to the instructions to add, review and edit terminology . Any object role may be a “stewardship” role, as one may filter by role in a dashboard. By default, the system assumes the only stewardship role is Steward .

Information note

As with all responsibility assignments (e.g., Steward ), they are inherited via the parent-child (container) associations defined within the custom model (e.g., a glossary). Thus, if you assign a the Steward role to some level in the glossary hierarchy or at the top level, all the contained terms will have that same assignment.

Information note

In earlier versions of the product, stewards were the ones notified of changes to model. This is no longer the case. Instead, watchers are notified of changes to models when enabled. The migration from stewards to watchers is performed automatically on upgrade from previous versions and thus all stewards become watchers.


  1. Navigate to the object page for a particular term in a custom model (e.g., glossary).
  2. Go to Responsibilities tab .
  3. Assign the desired roles to one or more users.


Sign in as Administrator . Navigate to the object page for the GDPR term in the Enterprise glossary. Go to Responsibilities tab and assign the Steward role to Stu.

Click SAVE .

Go to the Contains tab and click on a term and note it is assigned the same responsibility.

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