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Social Curation

You may certify, Endorse or provide warnings on objects and relationships among them. For objects you may do so on that element’s object page.


  1. Navigate to the object page for the object you wish to curate. You may do so from any tab.
  2. Click on Certify , Endorse or Warn .


Now, you may filter on any of these additional columns to determine which columns have which type of documentation and thus what needs to be worked on.


Click Certify .

Information note

Any user may Endorse or Warn , unless your group assignment Properties restricts the Can Label Property

You must have the Certification Editing responsibility assignment on the model containing this object to Certify .

You then may document the certification action.

Click Submit and close the dialog.

The object is certified.

Information note

Only one certification is allowed per object. However, one may amend the certification comment and of course remove the certification with proper permissions.


Click Endorse .

Information note

Anyone may Endorse .

You then may document the certification action.

Information note

Note the 1 next to the Endorse icon. This tallies the number of endorsements.

Explore Further

Relationships among tables

One may also curate relationships by navigating to the object page for one of the tables (classifier level object, such as tables, flat files, entities, views, etc.) involved in the relationship. More details here .

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