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Talend Change Data Capture
Talend Change Data Capture
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With its unique technology for automatic recovery following a loss of communication or a system shutdown, Talend Change Data Capture resynchronizes the exchanges and guarantees the record integrity. During a replication for backup, for instance, Talend Change Data Capture starts when the source machine has started up and is waiting for the target machine to start as well.

In the same way, its shutdown is not scheduled: it stops when the source machine is shut down.

Talend Change Data Capture's recovery function is extremely sophisticated with various features:
  • Loading of the target database entirely using the source database contents, and then continuing automatically with the transaction records added to the transaction journals. The timing precision avoids the need for a synchronization point.
  • Resuming from a specific point in the transaction journal on the source. For example, after reloading the target database from a backup, it replicates the transactions that occurred, on the source database, after the target database was saved.