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Securing access to Talend Change Data Capture

This chapter deals with security in Talend Change Data Capture: more particularly how to handle security in the Manager, in order to limit or provide accesses according to the user profiles.

About this task

You can secure the access not only to a Talend Change Data Capture source machine but also to certain environments. As Talend Change Data Capture security is completely distinct from the intrinsic security of the source machine, the user profiles defined are specific to Talend Change Data Capture.

Information noteNote: Talend Change Data Capture's profiles and passwords are case-sensitive: uppercase and lowercase characters are taken into account (e.g. "Terry" is different from "terry").


  1. You log on to the Manager when you start it, and the same login is used for all the sources to which Talend Change Data Capture connects. It is therefore recommended that you have the same user profile-password combination on all the sources that you are likely to access.
    • If Talend Change Data Capture security is not installed on the source machine, no check is performed (profile, password), and all the users are considered to be Administrators with full rights and no access restriction.
    • When you are not connected to a source machine, only your profile is shown in the window title:

    • If, for security reasons, you are not granted the right to access a source machine, an error message is displayed when you attempt to log on.
  2. Once the connection is established with a source machine, the profile used and the level of authority granted to you for the source machine are specified in the Manager window title.
  3. When you select an environment, your authorization level for the environment is also displayed in the Manager window title.
    If you are not authorized to access an environment, an error message is displayed when you select the environment.

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