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Preparing the replication

Before the replication process, you need to define the parameters for the distribution(s) using Talend Change Data Capture Manager on a Windows platform.

About this task

The parameter definition is stored on the source machine into the repository. All parameters are defined on the source. The replication program then automatically transmits the parameters defined to the target machine.

Distribution parameters are described in detail in the Reference Guide.

They are defined according to the following steps:


  1. Create an environment (see Environment).
  2. Create a model (journal, extract or backup) (see Models).
  3. Add tables to the model (see Adding tables into a model).
    Information noteWarning: Make sure to define the table parameters, and especially the structure change options.
    Information noteNote: See Replication frameworks if you want to use predefined and automated processes.
  4. If necessary, write the source transformation scripts (see Selection, Clean-up and Transformation).
  5. Create targets (see Targets).
  6. Distribute the model on the target or targets (see Distribution and Configuring target engines during the distribution).
  7. Configure the target tables from the Target category (see Distributed tables and Fields tab).
  8. From the table Properties, click Create target table.
    Check the script and edit it if necessary. For more information, see Creating the target table.
    Click Execute.
  9. If necessary, edit the target transformation scripts (see Selection, Clean-up and Transformation).
  10. Perform the replication according to this Operating and supervising a replication.

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