Configuring Kafka connector - 7.3

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The configuration of Amazon Kinesis target is performed both when distributing a target table and after the distribution is performed.

Before you begin

Make sure you know the directory destination path where Talend Change Data Capture files are installed. This path is called <DestinationPath> in the following steps.


  1. Prepare your distribution: open the Manager and follow this procedure until step 7 only: Preparing replication.
  2. Click on Distribute to open the Property tab.
  3. Choose the format to send to Kafka.
  4. Enter the Connection String.
    Each parameter of connection string is formatted as follows: name=value, and separated by a semicolon.

    The connection string is limited to 225 characters.

    Example of connection string (with the minimum required parameters):

    • broker: initial list of brokers as a CSV list of broker host or host:port.
    • The %P% variable corresponds to Talend Change Data Capture data path: <DestinationPath>\Data.
    • producer.config is the name of the configuration file.

      For more information, see General parameters.

  5. After the distribution, go to the Properties of the target table and enter the name of the target topic of Kafka database.