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Talend Change Data Capture
Talend Change Data Capture
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Talend Change Data Capture is a complete Data Event Processing solution. It captures the transactions (or events) of a database (mainly insert, update, delete) in real time, in order to work on them and send them to targets.

Talend Change Data Capture provides a comprehensive solution for online backup, distribution to eBusiness Internet/Intranet servers, decision support system data loading (real-time ETL), datawarehouse and big data incremental or real-time loading, inter-application exchange (EAI, ESB) requirements.

The product offers the possibility to capture, select, transform and apply data from many databases to many other databases and services:

Three different technologies are supported as targets:
  • Relational database (traditional, hybrid, in-memory databases...).
  • Streaming such as Kafka, Amazon Kinesis, Azure EventHub.
  • Big data / data lakes such as Snowflake.

Here is an exhaustive list of supported sources and targets:

With its transformation language and its capabilities to call external programs, the transformation module of Talend Change Data Capture paves the way for unlimited data selection and enhancement.