How to add a hybrid Data Preparation user - 8.0

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Before you begin

Your license includes Data Preparation user types.

About this task

This type of user cannot be assigned to a Data Preparation user group type, but it can be assigned to the user group type corresponding to its own user type (a hybrid Data Preparation/Data Integration user can be assigned to a Data Integration user group, for example). For more information on user groups, see Grouping users by user type.


  1. On the Users page, click Add to create a new Data Preparation user account.
  2. In the Data panel to the right, fill in the information as described in the previous procedure, but select in the Type field the type of project the Data Preparation user will be working on depending on the license (Data Integration/ESB, Data Management or Master Data Management).
    Note that if you enabled the Role Mapping option in the SSO node of the Configuration page, these fields might be automatically filled. For more information, see Enabling SSO.
  3. Click Save to validate the creation of the new user.