How to add a simple trigger onto a task - 8.0

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About this task

You can add a simple trigger onto a task to schedule one or several execution(s) at a defined date and time.


  1. On the Job Conductor page, select the task you want to implement a trigger on.
  2. In the bottom half of the page and in the Triggers view, click Add trigger... and then select Add simple trigger from the drop-down list.
    The Simple trigger configuration panel opens.


  3. Enter the following information:




    Give a name to the trigger you are setting


    Provide a description if the type of trigger is not obvious enough

    Time zone

    In the dialog box, select the time zone of the triggering time in the list. It can be the execution server time, the Web application time or another time zone you define.

    To take advantage of the autocomplete feature, type the first three letters of the time zone you are searching for.

    Start time

    Click the calendar button to open a calender. Click the date and set the exact time for the trigger to be executed. The time format must be HH:MM:SS

    If you do not fill this field, the triggering is immediate

    Note: For immediate triggering, we advise you to click the execute button on the table.

    End time

    Click the calendar button to open a calendar. Click the date and set the exact time for the trigger to be executed. The time format must be HH:MM:SS.

    If you do not fill this field: the Job will be executed indefinitely (until the number of repetitions is reached, if any)

    Number of repetitions

    Type in the number of execution that should occur in addition to the first execution.

    If you do not fill this field: as many executions as possible within the time frame given

    0: only the first execution is carried out.

    n: n extra execution is carried out in addition to the first one.

    Time interval

    Type in (in sec) the time interval between triggerings. For long interval, use CRON-based triggers.

    Pause trigger on error

    Select the check box in order to pause the trigger if an error occurs during the execution of the task.

    Note: Fields marked with exclamation mark are mandatory.
  4. Click Save to validate the simple trigger configuration or Cancel to cancel the operation.


The Trigger Status icon for the selected task changes from No Trigger to At least one trigger is running.

Note that, if the task is already running when the task is triggered, the Job Conductor will wait for the current task to finish. If the task is not finished after 60 seconds, then the status of the task execution changes to 'misfired'. A misfired event also occurs if the trigger misses its firing time because of Talend Administration Center is shut down. For more information on task execution status and monitoring, see Monitoring task executions in the Monitoring node.