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Set up your API query tool to access your Audit logs.

  • The endpoint to be used to access your Audit logs is: https://api.<env>
  • For the complete API documentation of the Audit logging service, see https://api.<env>
where <env> is the name of your Cloud region. If you do not know what your region name is, see Talend Cloud regions and URLs.
Prerequisites to access Audit logs:
  • Your license must be Trial, Evaluation, Gold, Platinum or Mission Critical.
  • The user account to be used has the Audit logs - View permissions.
  • Use your access token to call the API. For further information about how to generate an access token and how to use this token, see Generating a Personal Access Token.

    Bear in mind that when you use this token in your API query tool, include the Bearer type in front of the token value, that is to say, the authorization part of your query should read like: "Authorization: Bearer <your_token>".