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All the relevant endpoints are listed in the following tables.

Service account endpoints

The account to be used to issue these API calls must have the Service Accounts - Manage permission. The ID of this permission is TMC_SERVICE_ACCOUNT_MANAGEMENT.

Operations Methods Resources
Retrieving a specific service account GET /account/service-accounts/<id>
Update a specific service account PUT /account/service-accounts/<id>
Delete a specific service account DELETE /account/service-accounts/<id>
Get a list of the existing service accounts GET /account/service-accounts
Create a service account POST /account/service-accounts
Get the total number of service accounts already created GET /account/service-accounts/count
Get the permissions available for granting to service accounts GET /account/service-accounts/permissions

Access these endpoints via Talend API Documentation. You'll find a list of the URLs corresponding to each data center in Talend Cloud regions and URLs.