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A service account represents a non-human user entity that uses access tokens to authenticate to Talend Cloud and call a Talend service.

With service accounts, you are enabled to use the OAuth2 Client Credentials Flow for accessing Talend Cloud APIs.

Note that service accounts are supported only by the new version-agnostic endpoints that are categorized in these business domains. It is recommended to migrate your version-related API requests to these new endpoints.

The following diagram shows how this OAuth2 Client Credentials flow works:

The service account specific token is a new authentication method adopted by Talend APIs. This method is more secure than the personal access tokens typically used by a user. It is recommended to use service accounts along with their access tokens to issue API calls, when a specific user does not need to be involved in these calls.

Prerequisites to access this service account management API:
  • Use your personal access token to call the API. For further information about how to generate a personal access token and how to use this token, see Generating a Personal Access Token.

In the following examples, the API requests are implemented in Talend API Tester for demonstration purposes.

If you want to use Talend API Tester to test these use cases, download the project file and import it to Talend API Tester by following this procedure: Importing a Talend Cloud API Tester repository.