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A service account is a non-human account to be used to issue API calls to run Talend Cloud Management Console services.

The Service Account - Manage permission is required for a user or a service account to create, grant permissions to or delete service accounts. The ID of this permission is TMC_SERVICE_ACCOUNT_MANAGEMENT. By default, the Security Administrator role has this permission.

In the Service accounts tab of the User & Security page, you can create, grant individual permissions to or delete service accounts.

You can assign the workspace permissions to a service account the same way as you do for users. For further information, see Setting workspace permissions for users.

If you need to use a service account to perform operations such as getting the user list or running a task, use its service account token to issue API calls. This cannot be done in Talend Cloud Management Console. For a step by step demonstration about how to get this kind of token and then issue the API calls, access these endpoints via and related use cases at

The number service accounts you can create depends on the number Talend Cloud admin add-ons specified in your license. Each admin add-on allows to you create 3 service accounts.

Find the related information on the Subscription page. If you need more service accounts and thus more admin add-ons, contact your sales representative.