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This feature is available only with the Talend Cloud Platform licenses.

Administrators can generate predefined static IP addresses for cloud containers. These addresses can be white listed for cloud engine executions.

About this task

Talend Cloud provides IPs on the primary and the secondary AWS regions to maintain high availability.


  1. Go to Configurations > Management Console.
  2. Toggle the Static IPs feature on.


Predefined static IP addresses are generated for the primary and secondary AWS regions. You can add both lists to the authorized IP addresses on your network.

When running a task, the cloud container uses one of the listed addresses from the primary region, or the secondary if the primary fails.

In order for Talend Cloud Data Preparation to be able to connect to a remote database where data is stored, you need to authorize incoming connections to your database for Talend Cloud Data Preparation's IPs. The list of IP addresses to white-list can be found in the Configuration > Data Preparation tab.