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Repository architecture

The repository used to build and publish the portal is structured as follows:

Element Description
.github This folder contains configuration files for GitHub Actions, which are used to deploy to GitHub Pages or Azure Static Web Apps for example.
apis This folder contains the API documentation to publish. It should have a folder for each API, and each of these should contain a folder per version. The documentation for an API version is located in apis/<api-name>/<api-version>/

With the Talend Cloud API Designer user interface, this structure is automatically created when you publish an API.

assets This folder contains files managed by the user, such as JavaScript and CSS files.
content This folder contains any other page that you want to include in your portal. By default it contains a landing page and a "Getting started" page.
static This folder contains static files managed by the user, such as images and fonts.
themes This folder contains the theme for the portal. It is provided by Talend and editing it is not recommended. If you want to customize the theme, see Customizing your portal.
config.toml This file contains the configuration for the portal. It specifies the theme to use when generating the site and allows you to organize your APIs into categories. For more information, see Organizing your API list.

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