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Securing access to an environment

If the security is not enabled, an environment can be freely accessed by all users, who would all have the Administrator security level. This means that each user would have Administrator rights in this environment, regardless of his or her overall security level (for the machine).

About this task

If an environment is secured, the users' actions are restricted according to their security level defined in the environment properties, regardless of their overall security level. A user with a User security level (i.e. for the machine) may be granted an Administrator security level for a specific environment.

Administrator Supervisor User Empty
Access the environment parameter definition Yes Yes Yes No
View the parameter definition Yes Yes Yes No
Modify the parameter definition Yes No No No
Hold/Release Yes Yes No No
Perform recoveries Yes Yes No No
Stop/Start Yes Yes No No
Manage Services (Scheduler, Supervisor) Yes Yes No No


  1. To secure the access to an environment, select the Secured check box in the environment properties.
  2. The User tab is enabled, and you can use it to specify the security level of all the profiles defined on the machine.
    Information noteNote: When you manage the security of an environment, your user ID is automatically added with the Administrator security level.

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