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Descriptions can be associated with any harvested object (e.g. imported table) or custom object (e.g. a glossary term). They now benefit from the above new bundled WYSIWYG HTML editor with object and user mentions but are not intended to be full length documents.

Articles are designed for business users to develop and collaborate on any kind of documents such as review reports, change requests, white papers, user guides, overviews, etc. Articles are implemented by a new predefined object "Article" with an predefined attribute "content" of HTML data type.

A new pre-installed "Standard Extension Articles" package allows users to create new models of type "Articles" which contains the Article object type (just like a Glossary contains Terms). Manage > Metamodel allows one to extend the Article object type with custom attributes or links to other custom objects. Articles benefit from the same capabilities as any other custom objects including search ( Metadata Query Language (MQL) ), security, as well as the ability to have comments, mentions, and even may operate under workflow.

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