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Delete Unused Versions

As new versions of models and physical data models are harvested, they begin to collect. Most of these “historical” versions are of no value to keep around. Also, they consume resources, such as disk space, index size, performance of search, etc.

TDC provides a tool to manage and eliminate these older versions. There is a script operation named Delete unused versions . When run, if a version of a model is not in any current configuration version , and it is more than one hour old, it will be deleted.

Information note

No model that has been imported in the last hour will be deleted by Delete unused versions as it may yet be included in a configuration in the near future as part of the harvesting and scheduled update process.

Thus used refers to containership in a configuration ONLY. No other relationships will prevent the purging of a model version which is not a member of a configuration version.


Manual Delete

  1. Go to MANAGE > Repository.
  2. Right-click on the Repository as a whole, a folder or a model and select More… > Operations > Delete unused versions .
Information note

Be sure to Show versions if necessary.

Scheduled Delete

In order to manage the version overload in an automated fashion, you may schedule the task.

  1. Go to MANAGE > Schedules.
  2. Provide the required information as for any scheduled task .
  3. Specify the Delete unused versions action.
Information note

You may use the View Links option on a version of a model to determine if it is a member of a configuration.


Import on the Staging DW model .

After the import has finished note that there are two versions of the Staging DW .

Go to MANAGE > Repository.

Information note

Be sure the Repository Panel is filtered to enable showing of versions .

Right-click on the second version of the Staging DW model and select View Links and note that it is not a member of any configuration version and is thus a candidate to be purged.

Wait more than one hour.

Right-click on the Data Warehouse folder and select More… > Operations > Delete unused versions . Click Run Operation .

Note, the log reports one model version deleted and the version is no longer in the Repository panel.

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