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Relating Objects Between Custom and Imported Models

As we can see from the MANAGE > Metamodel page , there is an association between the two different models for business rules and an imported model.

Let’s make some of these references with the custom model, MyCompany Business Rules , and an imported model ( DW Staging ).

On the object page of MyCompany Business Rules , click A Purchase Order must precede the Payment of an Invoice to go to its object page and click +ADD to the right of Relationships and select is Measured By .

Select both of the columns CustomerPurchaseOrderNumber and InvoiceNumber in the table InvoiceAssociationtoPurchaseOrder table.

Click OK .

To see the link in the other direction, click the column CustomerPurchaseOrderNumber .

Information note

Now, we see that this column is a Measure for the Business Rule .

We can see this in a worksheet query, as well.

Go to WORKSHEETS > Business Rules > Business Rule to produce a worksheet and click on Columns to add the reference to Is Measured By .

Updating Relationships in a Worksheet

You may also edit the relationships right in the worksheet.

Sign in as a user with at least the Metadata Editing capability object role assignment for the MyCompany Business Rules custom model and for the Data Lake imported model.

Go to WORKSHEETS > File > Files to produce a worksheet and click on Columns to add the column for the reference Measures . Then add a text filter of “vendor customer”.

Select all five rows and right-click the selected rows and select Edit .

Click on the Value column for Measures and specify the business rule as below:

Click OK . And again.

Information note

The business rule is now related to all four imported objects.

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