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Critical to any use of the data in tables and views that are cataloged within a data stores (e.g., hive data lake, relational data warehouse, NOSQL databases, etc.), is the ability to correctly and effectively join the information together. One may catalog and curate these join conditions by identifying and managing relationships in your data stores.


In this case we will navigate to the object page of the PurchaseOrder table in the Staging DW database model, and click the Relationships tab.

In this instance there is are a number of relationships defined in the source database by Primary Key – Foreign Key relationships.

Information note

The operation (e.g., VendorID=VendorID ) describes how the two tables should be joined, i.e., in this case each table has a column named VendorID and the data from these two tables should be joined only where the values in the VendorID column match.

One may see these from the erwin DM model import of the Staging DW model.

Click the List tab on the left and then Joins With .

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