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Visualize the Diagram of a Model

From the object page for a model you may click on Diagrams or Related Diagrams to see and edit diagrams for a model.

Information note

You may create new diagrams here as well.

Once you have opened a diagram you may visualize it in a non-permanent manner, or you may save what you changed.

A number of tools are available for visualization, analyzing and editing these diagrams, described in detail here .

You may always return to the original published layout by clicking on the Show original button.

Including relationships in the diagram

You may select a relationship in any diagram and perform the following analysis:

  • The associated primary keys and foreign keys are highlighted in the associated tables in the diagram. If there is more than one PK/FK pair, each will be highlighted in a different color.
  • In the Properties Panel you may copy and paste the Related Columns to be used to define the equivalent join directly in a reporting.

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