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Label Metadata

Labels are single word TDC wide meta tags which may be applied to any object in a Model, then searched on, reviewed and/or managed centrally within a configuration.


To tag a object with a label:

  1. Sign in as a user with at least the Label Editing capability object role assignment to the model containing the element.
  2. Navigate to the object page for the object you wish to label.
  3. Click the combo box underneath Labels
  4. Add a new label by typing it in.
  5. Assign already defined labels to this object by typing one or more letters of that label and selecting from the resulting pick list.
  6. Unassign a label by clicking in the combo box and click the “x” next to the label you wish to unassign.
Information note

Labels are defined TDC wide. Please keep in mind that the pool of labels defined by all users is shared across TDC

Once you have unassigned a particular label to all elements in the repository, the label is deleted from the pool. You, of course, may simply type it in to assign it to a new object and it is again a part of the label pool.

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Information note

To make label assignments, one must only have the Label Editing capability object role assignment on the content that contains the object you are labelling.

Multi-item or Tabular assignment of labels

When browsing in the grid or list mode label assignments may be entered just as one would update a spreadsheet. See bulk editing .

Review label assignments

One may review the label assignments across an entire configuration.

  1. Start a worksheet .
  2. Filter by Label and specify the label you wish to manage.
Information note

You are presented with all the objects with that (or a combination of) label assignment(s).

  1. To remove a label, simply remove all of the assignments. When the last one is removed, the label will no longer be known by the system.


Search for Label Assignments

When searching you may specify particular labels to filter the results by as a part of the advanced search or you may filter the results of any worksheet using the Filters panel to specific labels.

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