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Compare Metadata

One may compare two different models, configurations or glossaries or two versions of the same model using the compare and merge facility.


  1. Sign in as a user with at least the Metadata Editing capability object role assignment on the semantic mapping.
  2. Go to MANAGE > Repository.
  3. Either:
    • Right click any model, configuration or glossary in the Repository Panel , and select Compare with… .
    • Or, one may select a version of a content in the Repository Panel where you want the model to be located, and select Compare with Previous…
    • Drag and drop any other matching model, configuration or glossary into the Target or Source .
    • Swap the Target and Source
    • Specify the option for the comparison, including
    • Match Type
    • Objects to Detect
    • Additional Compare options
    • Case Sensitive comparison
    • Specific Comparison Scope
    • Expand ( ) or Contract ( ) objects in the tree
    • Download ( ) the results as a CSV file
    • Filter ( ) the results
    • Match objects
    • Switch to Merge if comparing two versions of a Physical Data Model .
  4. You are presented with the Compare and Merge utility panel.
  5. From here you may:

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