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Talend Change Data Capture User Guide

Talend Change Data Capture
Talend Change Data Capture
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Physical machine on which Talend Change Data Capture target engine is installed (for more information, see Installing the source and target engines on AS/400 IBMi, iSeries, Power i and Installing the target engines).

The target database(s) are not necessarily installed on the same machine as the target engine one.

The Talend Change Data Capture engine machine can act as a bridge between different databases implemented on other machines, with different operating systems, or in the cloud.

Warning: When using an AS/400 IBMi target database on a given machine, the target machine must be the same one.

You can create several "logical" targets corresponding to a single physical machine in order to define a software architecture that is independent of the physical architecture. For example, in a multi-site context, you can define one target for each target site and have several sites physically on the same machine.

Example of distributed IBM DB2 Database with several logical targets:

The following targets are supported by Talend Change Data Capture:
  • Altibase HDB,
  • Azure SQL,
  • Btrieve,
  • DB2 LUW,
  • Event Hubs,
  • Greenplum,
  • iSeries Access,
  • Kafka,
  • Kinesis,
  • MariaDB,
  • MS-Access,
  • MySQL,
  • Netezza,
  • NuoDB,
  • ODBC,
  • OpenEdge,
  • Oracle Database,
  • PostgreSQL,
  • Salesforce,
  • Service Bus,
  • SQLite,
  • SQL Server,
  • Snowflake,
  • Sybase,
  • Teradata,
  • Text File,
  • Vectorwise,
  • XML-based database.