Installing the source and target engines on AS/400 IBMi, iSeries, Power i - 7.3

Talend Change Data Capture Installation Guide

Talend Change Data Capture
Talend Change Data Capture
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Talend Change Data Capture source and target engines for AS/400 IBMi are installed using an FTP script on a PC that is linked to the local or remote AS/400 IBMi through TCP-IP.

About this task

Note: The Manager GUI is not available on AS/400 IBMi platforms; only the DD_USRDATA repository and scripts necessary for the engine are installed. To install and access the Manager GUI, follow this section: Installing the Manager GUI on Windows NT Server.


  1. Check that the FTP service is running on the AS/400 IBMi machine of installation.
    Note: Since remote installation is supported, your physical presence is not necessary. You can automate the installation on several AS/400 IBMi machines without any manual action. To do so, just encapsulate the installation command several times (one for each AS/400 IBMi) in a Windows batch file. For more details, see section Automating the installation or update for multiple AS/400 IBMi.
  2. Start the SetupAS.exe program found in the AS/400 IBMi directory of the package.
    Warning: Make sure you know it is a first-time installation or an update.
  3. Select Update or Install and provide the parameters required for the installation: IP address of the AS/400 IBMi, user ID, password.
  4. The FTP script is run and its progress is displayed. Check its details once the installation is complete.