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Publish, update and unpublish your API documentation.

About this task

From the list of APIs in the API Portal tab, you can manage the API documentation published to your repository.


  • To publish a new API version to your portal, click the Publish button.
  • To republish the same documentation that has already been published, click the Republish button.
  • If an API has been modified since its last publication, click the Update button to send the updated documentation to your repository.
    If the latest changes have been published, this icon appears next to the date of the last update: . If the API definition has been updated since the last publication, this icon appears: .
  • To remove an API version from your repository, click Unpublish.
  • To mark an API version as published without pushing it to your repository, click the button and click Mark as published.
  • To mark an API version as unpublished without deleting the documentation from your repository, click the button and click Mark as unpublished.