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TIBCO Spotfire Binary Data (SBDF Format) (File) - Import


Bridge Specifications

Vendor TIBCO Software Inc.
Tool Name Spotfire Binary Data (SBDF Format)
Tool Version 7.x
Tool Web Site
Supported Methodology [Business Intelligence] Data Store (Physical Data Model) via SBDF File
Data Profiling
Incremental Harvesting
Multi-Model Harvesting
Remote Repository Browsing for Model Selection

Tool: TIBCO Software Inc. / Spotfire Binary Data (SBDF Format) version 7.x via SBDF File
Metadata: [Business Intelligence] Data Store (Physical Data Model)
Component: TibcoSpotfireSbdf version 11.2.0

This import bridge imports a Tibco Spotfire SBDF file.

This import bridge relies on the TIBCO Spotfire Java SBDF Library for reading the SBDF format.
This library can be downloaded from:


Refer to the current general known limitations at or bundled in Documentation/ReadMe/MIMBKnownLimitations.html

Provide a troubleshooting package with:
- the debug log (can be set in the UI or in conf/ with MIR_LOG_LEVEL=6)
- the metadata backup if available (can be set in the Miscellaneous parameter with -backup option, although this common option is not implemented on all bridges for technical reasons).

Bridge Parameters

Parameter Name Description Type Values Default Scope
File The file path of the model to import. FILE *.sbdf   Mandatory
Sbdf Library Specify the Java SBDF Library JAR file path. FILE *.jar   Mandatory


Bridge Mapping

Meta Integration Repository (MIR)
(based on the OMG CWM standard)
"TIBCO Spotfire Binary Data (SBDF Format) (File)"
File System (File)
Mapping Comments
Attribute Array Elementary Item, Field, Attribute, Array Field, Elementary Item, Fixed Width Field, Partition Field  
Comment Comment  
Name Name  
Position Position, Offset  
Class Array Element, Group Item, Array Group Item, Array Object, Element, Object, Sheet  
Name Name  
PropertyElementTypeScope UDPs  
Name Name  
Scope Scope  
PropertyType UDP  
DataType Data Type  
DesignLevel Design Level  
Name Name  
Position Position  
StoreModel Cobol File, Parquet File, Delimited File, Avro File, Json File, Collection, Orc File, Xml File, Excel File, File, Fixed Width File  
Name Name  
NativeType Type  
TypeValue Condition Name  
Name Name  
Value Value  

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