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CA Gen - Import


Bridge Requirements

This bridge:
  • is only supported on Microsoft Windows.

  • requires the tool to be installed to access its SDK.

Bridge Specifications

Vendor CA technologies
Tool Name Gen
Tool Version 4.1a to 8.0
Tool Web Site
Supported Methodology [Data Modeling] Data Store (Physical Data Model, Logical Data Model) via C API
Data Profiling
Incremental Harvesting
Multi-Model Harvesting
Remote Repository Browsing for Model Selection

Tool: CA technologies / Gen version 4.1a to 8.0 via C API
Metadata: [Data Modeling] Data Store (Physical Data Model, Logical Data Model)
Component: CaCoolGen version 11.2.0

This bridge uses the Gen API to import metadata, therefore Gen must be properly installed and configured on the machine where the bridge is executed.

WARNING: This bridge uses the COM API of a Windows based tool client and/or SDK which must be (a) properly installed, (b) licensed on behalf of a Windows user capable of running this tool, and (c) capable of accessing the tool server content. In addition:
(1) As recommended by the tool vendor, the tool server must NOT be installed/coexist on the same machine where the tool client (and the bridge) is installed/running because of potential conflicts of resources, including with respect to COM API.
(2) Windows COM API based tools are notoriously unstable after repeated failures or lack of system resources, which requires a Windows reboot to make that tool COM API work properly again.
(3) If this bridge is running as an application, then it must be logged with the same above Windows user.
If the bridge is running as a Windows service, then go to the services manager of Windows, right-click on the MIMB Application Server service, and go to the "Log On" tab to define an account by name under which the service will run.

The bridge requires access to either the 'Workstation Update API' (ueapi32w.dll) or the 'Workstation Read Only API' (eapi32w.dll).
The path to the API must be set into the environment variable 'PATH'.
Under Windows Control Panel / System / Advanced / Environment Variables, edit the value of 'PATH' system variable, and make sure it contains for example:
For version 7.6: C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\AllFusion Gen\Gen
For version 8.0: C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\Gen r8\Gen
For version 8.5: C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\Gen85\Gen

Q: My model cannot be imported, and the Gen error is: EAPI_MODEL_INCOMPATIBLE_RC, what could this mean?
A: There can be many reasons, among those reasons are:
- the model is from a different version which is not compatible with the version of the Gen software installed locally.
- the model is already openned in the Gen tool, you need to close it before using the bridge.
- the Gen software is limited to short 8.3 file names (Model.ief) and short path lengths (128 characters).

Q: What patches must be applied?
A: For COOL:Gen 4.1a only, if you use the 'Workstation Update API', you must apply some patches (currently TSN4133, TSN4140 and CSN4102).
Contact your Computer Associates support for the availability of these patches.

Q: How to install the COOL:Gen 5.0 Workstation APIs for Windows?
A: Note that this process should also work for COOL:Gen 5.1 and 6.0.
a. At the CD-ROM install, select the option for Custom Installation.
b. At the CD-ROM Product List, select
- Read-Only Encyclopedia API or
- Read and Update Encyclopedia API
c. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen to select and install the appropriate API.
See COOL:Gen Documentation (Electronic Books) for details:
- Encyclopedia Administrator: Encyclopedia and Workstation API Guide.
- Installation: Encyclopedia and Workstation API Installation Guide: chapter 2.

Q: How to install the Advantage Gen 6.5 Update API for Windows?
a. At the CD-ROM install, select the option for Custom Installation.
b. At the CD-ROM Product List, select Workstation Update API
c. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen to finish the installation.

Q: How to install the Allfusion Gen 7.0 and 7.5 Update API for Windows:
a. At the CD-ROM install, select the option for Custom Installation.
b. At the CD-ROM Product List, select Workstation Update API
c. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen to finish the installation.

Refer to the current general known limitations at or bundled in Documentation/ReadMe/MIMBKnownLimitations.html

For the Workstation Update API to appear in the list of components, you may need to install an appropriate FEATURE line in your ca.olf license file

Provide a troubleshooting package with debug log. Debug log can be set in the UI or in conf/ with MIR_LOG_LEVEL=6

Bridge Parameters

Parameter Name Description Type Values Default Scope
Directory First, download the model from the Gen Encyclopedia to the client, this operation will create a directory with .IEF extension containing 4 DAT files.
Specify in the 'Directory' parameter the path of the directory containing the DAT files or the path of one of the DAT files.
DIRECTORY     Mandatory
Design level Specify the design level of the model to import:

'Logical only'
For data model import.

'Physical only'
For technical design import.
Logical only
Physical only
Logical only  
Append volumetric information to the description field Import and append the volumetric (number of occurences) information to the description field. BOOLEAN   False  
Encoding Specifies the character set encoding of the model to be imported or exported. If there are multiple choices for a language, the actual encoding will be indicated between parentheses. The default is 'Western European (Windows 1252)' on Windows and 'Western European (ISO 8859-1)' on other platforms. ENUMERATED
Central and Eastern European (ISO-8859-2)
Central and Eastern European (Windows-1250)
Chinese Traditional (Big5)
Chinese Simplified (GB18030)
Chinese Simplified (GB2312)
Cyrillic (ISO-8859-5)
Cyrillic (Windows-1251)
DOS (IBM-850)
Greek (ISO-8859-7)
Greek (Windows-1253)
Hebrew (ISO-8859-8)
Hebrew (Windows-1255)
Japanese (Shift_JIS)
Korean (KS_C_5601-1987)
Thai (TIS620)
Thai (Windows-874)
Turkish (ISO-8859-9)
Turkish (Windows-1254)
UTF 8 (UTF-8)
UTF 16 (UTF-16)
Western European (ISO-8859-1)
Western European (ISO-8859-15)
Western European (Windows-1252)
Locale encoding
No encoding conversion


Bridge Mapping

Meta Integration Repository (MIR)
(based on the OMG CWM standard)
"CA Gen"
Mapping Comments
Association Relationship  
Aggregation   True if one of the role is part of a primary key
AssociationRole Relationship  
Description Description  
ExtraConstraint Deletion Rule  
Multiplicity Sometimes/Always, One/One or More  
Name Name  
Source   Based on the multiplicity of each role
AssociationRoleNameMap Relationship The association between the primary key column and the foreign key column
Attribute Attribute  
Description Description  
DesignLevel Category LOGICAL_ONLY if Category is 'Derived'
Name Name  
Optional Optional  
PhysicalName TD Name  
Position   In the order returned by the COOL:Gen API.
BaseType Attribute Domain  
DataType Domain See datatype conversion array
Name Name  
PhysicalName   Derived from the datatype
CandidateKey Identifier  
Description Description  
Name Name  
UniqueKey Primary UID Flag True for Primary Key
Class Entity Type  
CppClassType   Set to ENTITY
CppPersistent   Set to True
Description Description  
Name Name  
PhysicalName TD Name  
ClassDiagram Subject Area  
Description Description  
Name Name  
DerivedType Attribute Domain, Attribute Permitted Values  
DataType Domain See datatype conversion array
Description Description  
InitialValue Attribute Permitted Values Default Value  
Length Length  
LowerBound Attribute Permitted Values Range From  
Name Name  
PhysicalName   Derived from the datatype
Scale Decimal Places  
UpperBound Attribute Permitted Values Range To  
DesignPackage Subject Area  
Description Description  
Name Name  
ForeignKey Identifier Based on Primary Key and association role
Generalization Partitioning  
Description Description  
GeneralizationRole Partitioning  
Index Identifier Associated with each key
IndexMember   Associated with each attribute in a key
Position   Computed
StoreModel Model The model is built using the elements contained in the COOL:Gen ".ief" directory
Name   extracted from the directory name
TypeValue Attribute Permitted Values  
Name Value/Description  
Position   In the order returned by the COOL:Gen API.
Value Value  

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